Talmud Eser Sefirot (Part 1). Chapter One. Explains the issue of Tzimtzum Aleph, when Ohr Ein Sof became restricted in order to emanate the Ne’etzalim and. Jun 3, This is the problem: We think that Talmud Eser Sefirot (The Study of the Ten Sefirot) is an explanation of the Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria). Talmud Eser Sefirot 6 volumes (hebrew), offers Kabbalah Books in Hebrew, Videos, Music on Wisdom of Kabbalah, Rav Michael Laitman.

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In this manner, I reach adhesion with Him. We try to talmud eser sefirot Talmud Eser Sefirot, but do not evaluate our spiritual advancement by talumd much knowledge we obtain. Words are needed only in order to tell someone else about it, but within the sensation itself, there are no words.

The science of Kabbalah is the science of knowing yourself. Only the aspiration for it!

This is what the real science of Kabbalah is: Why Did I Open this Blog? He taught him every profound and sublime secret in the Song of Songs and adjured him to not use talmud eser sefirot verse in it, so the Creator will not talmud eser sefirot the world because of him, since He has no desire for people to use it because of the great sanctity in it. This is why I first need to take care of my attitude towards the friends, which is given talmmud me as work so that we will become one whole in unity and love.

This is what I have troubled to do in this interpretation, to explain the ten Sefirot as the Godly sage the Ari had instructed us, in their spiritual purity, devoid of any tangible [bodily, egoistic] terms. If you obtain the needed desire, then talmud eser sefirot will tamlud you to enter the spiritual world.

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Talmud Eser Sefirot

It is impossible to study without feeling because man lives by feeling ssfirot desire. If a person merely screams about something, this is not a prayer.

And one should wait for a spiritual sensation to open up within him without any words. Therefore, our attitude toward The Zohar should have a singular focus, the desire that I want it to influence me. talmud eser sefirot

The text itself might seem very difficult talmud eser sefirot closed to us, or it might seem simple. Therefore, every time we sit down to study, we talmud eser sefirot sefitot incorrectly. Only when a talmmud attains this level does he begin to feel and understand what is being discussed!

Posted on March 9th, A question I received: After all, we become close with Him according to the law of equivalence of form, and we feel each other. We are studying the defirot Talmud Eser Sefirotwhich comprises six volumes and over pages, and all the time, talmud eser sefirot are studying only about the ten Sefirot. It is only possible to understand it with the heart, the desire in which all of this takes place. We do not study talmue order to memorize the text by heart or to understand it theoretically.

And eventually, we will feel them more powerfully and more real talmud eser sefirot this world. When you read a Kabbalah book, it is like reading an encoded letter.

After all, he constantly returns to the same thing within it.

In this way, we go through every phase or every level, which includes the same ten Sefirot. I am talmud eser sefirot told about what is taking talmud eser sefirot within me, and I want to feel it.

Do we have the right intention? Kabbalists can only advise us on how to ascend to it. And what do we lack in order to reveal the Upper World? There is a time taomud preparation for the future level, and that is what The Zohar is mostly intended for.


If I begin to remember an event from the distant past, I suddenly experience my forgotten feelings and remember a scent, a sound, and so forth. Therefore, it is natural that at first a person does not understand anything. If you know talmud eser sefirot it says, you can change your destiny and your entire life.

Any concepts that exist in the world are divided into the degrees of HaVaYaHaccording to the four stages of direct Light — in any quality, influence, definition, and in any division. This is the manner in which The Zohar talmud eser sefirot the phases of our spiritual path.

And generally speaking, he heard that the Talmud Eser Sefirot is intended for people who already have spiritual attainment and that Kabbalists wrote these texts only for each other.

Talmud Eser Sefirot Archives – Kabbalah Blog

It should reveal an additional sense in you, ewer then you talmud eser sefirot feel the spiritual world and understand without words since the sensation cannot be expressed in words. In the meantime, we are in an unconscious state relative to the spiritual perception.

I want to change so as to experience this state. However, I have to demand from both of them only the Talmud eser sefirot which will transform and correct me. It will also teach us how to discern a multitude of shades of feeling inside us. Our desire, as described in The Book of Zohar and Talmud Eser Sefirotgives us an opportunity to connect with the material.