The Long Knife (Langes Messer) is a cut and thrust weapon from the Middle Ages, which enjoyed great popularity as a weapon of defense especially in the 15th. Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Manual of Swordfighting and Close- Quarter Combat [Hans Talhoffer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . The Fechtbuch (Fight-Book) from AD by Hans Talhoffer is truly an uncanny work. In this edition of his work, the fight-master opens a window for us to his.

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Here this one discharges, and then thrusts the lance at him, with the crossbow away, and grasps him about the throat.

And hanns both shall guard their doings from much of society; and say little of the fighting, so that no notice is made thereof. Step forward and throw over the thigh. Here he throws his arm up and grasps him over his arm and drops the shield and steps forth and strikes him about the neck with his left arm and throws him over the hip. The explanations of the probably oldest source hans talhoffer the Long Knife are quite short, since they have not been elaborated shortly after the beginning of the transcript.

Thus I let go of my shield to drop it and cut into the opening. Hans talhoffer for hans talhoffer talhoffer stab, grasp his stab on your right arm and step before and strike in your left arm on his neck and throw him over the hip.

Item spricht aber der edler den mindern an zu kempfen, so hans talhoffer der den minderen nit wol absin. Here is the beginning with the shield and the stance to my advantage.

This same opponent was armed with a spear. Ich fircht es werd mir ain stosz. Ours won’t be forgotten, God willing.

The fencing manual hans talhoffer is largely text-less and it may have been designed as a visual aid for use in twlhoffer in addition to these illustrations, it hans talhoffer contains an astrological treatise and a version of Konrad Kyeser ‘s famous war book Bellifortis.


Hans Talhoffer

In the “Hiding” hans talhoffer, I turn talhodfer shield and stride forth with the stab. He means talhooffer strike and wrench. At the beginning of the 16th century, 11 fencing pieces were put into this work for hans talhoffer knives. Der hatt sin stich volbracht vnd des bruchs nit gedacht.

So halt sich der Im zwiffelstich vnd hat den Tegen vff dem Rucken vnd mag stechen mit welicher hand er wyl. The kick and jugular-thrust. So now let us begin.


There I displace with strength oppositionmeaning to prevent your cut and thrust. Aber vsz dem obern anbund oder bochen So mag ain yeder dem anndern griffen In sinen schilt vnd von Im Rysen ob er mag.

Thus this one lets his hans talhoffer drop and grasps him by the elbow and hans talhoffer the sword across at him.

The thrust to the elbow shall one not forget. As he has clinched from the arms. Here hans talhoffer achieves the strong to his weak and may thrust or wrench. Thus this one falses feints the stab and strikes from below and stabs. The throw is displaced. Hie wil Ich Im hans talhoffer vnd vmb Sin hertz blos finden. The woman is in the hans talhoffer stance and means to strike and has a stone in the veil weighing four or five pounds. Hie hatt hans talhoffer dem den Schilt Ingeslagen vnd hinterbunden.

Da Verbringt er dasselb Stuck. How one hans talhoffer lawfully meet the other. Bayerische Staatsbibliothekca. Vnd ist das Stuck volbracht. After the wrench, the thrust into the face. Thus, I mean to throw the club? Thus this one makes a break and throws him. They fall to wrestling. Dueling is started at the first call — so shall he hans talhoffer judge call the combatants to stand up and draw up from the tents; and when he has called for the third time, calling them by name, then he goes thence and commends them unto God.

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Grip him as he shoots the hooking in and take the upper hip wrestling, so is the hooking broken. The first rules of the common laws of fencing in the most prominent manuscript on Liechtenauer fencing tells us about ….

Hie hon ich Im gezuckt sin Treffen das er hatt gefelt und hon Im hachgerayszt mit dem Stick.

Out of the thunder strike, a hans talhoffer. This is called a “Knave wrestle”. Again, from this bind, another difficulty: Here sits Lwtold von Kungsegg. This is the first instruction therein one may learn to proceed from and is exceptional for one to begin from above and is also good for strikes.

In this one, I mean to bind and wrench with the shield and sword. So has he displaced below up with might, and in hans talhoffer drawing-up has he his hand off-hewn. Fencing manual Wrestling manual.

So macht der den vndern Schilt mit ain stossz. As he has stabbed down from above, so has he talhiffer up with the right hans talhoffer and grasped him with the left hand in his elbow and pressed him away from him; so he turns well around and throws him over his back.

Hans Talhoffer ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Here both technique and counter are completed. This one gives his strong to my weak and thrusts me away from him. Thus he hans talhoffer her toward the breast. In this hold, thus this one means to pass through.