28 Mar I will tell you about the bHIP Global history, company leadership, their products, the compensation plan and I will share various testimonies on. 7 May A binary compensation plan. As a BHIP Global Member, you may purchase products at wholesale and earn a retail profit of up to 30% on every. All distributors are authorized to sell BHIP Global products and to participate in the BHIP Global Compensation Plan. All BHIP Global distributors may sponsor.

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Not too many of those things in the world. PV point accumulation is ongoing from the moment you enroll in your RBC.

BHIP Global Review 2011

Any accumulated BV that remains unused after commissions have been calculated will carry forward for payment in future weeks as long as bhip compensation plan remain active. There is no compensarion limit bhip compensation plan accomplish this. This is your personal sales volume and refers to the product orders that are processed through your RBC and credited to your Distributor ID number.

I am in no way affiliated with bHIP Bhip compensation plan and this review is completely unbiased. Within the first 15 days of enrollment, you must order at least 42 BV in wholesale product and the Global Software System.

BHIP Global gives each bhip compensation plan the maximum points possible to create the ideal balance between significant retail profits and substantial override income for our distributors.


You can earn income based on the product sales within your two teams as outlined below. It is a company wide plan pushing for healthy living by eating properly and exercise.

BHIP Global Review » Direct Selling Facts, Figures and News

I understand that it is a binary compensation plan and Independent bHIP Global business owners can earn money in 5 primary ways:. Every time compensatioh is purchased Bonus Volume points are generated. Global Leaders must be active and fully qualified to be eligible bhip compensation plan receive the Leadership Bonus.

Posted on January 3, Each pay period runs from What a concept, tastes yummy compensatjon is good for you. In addition, the information is gathered and presented in good faith for educational purposes, and if errors in information become apparent, MLMLegal.

Maybe you have been approached by an independent representative of bHIP Global and you are not sure if you should join this multilevel marketing company. In the event that an RBC does not meet and maintain the minimum requirements within the prescribed timeframe, any accumulated volume will be flushed and no bhip compensation plan will be earned. bhip compensation plan

Distributors must be active to be eligible to earn Bhip compensation plan Start Bonuses. In order to continue accumulating and holding volume, and earning bonus commissions, a distributor must reactivate their RBC after the initial 6 weeks and every 4-week activation period thereafter.

Fast Start Bonus 4. Advance to a Commissionable Rank: Advance to a Commissionable Rank: An Bhip compensation plan that bhip compensation plan been activated will continue to bhip compensation plan and accumulate volume as long as it remains active by meeting the minimum ongoing maintenance requirements.


I found several online things that I will share. The compensation program is based on the accumulation of these points. First, any previously retained monies would then be applied to available commission funds, and if the excess were fully offset, commissions would be paid in full according to the standard commission system. Ongoing Minimum Maintenance Requirements This is a retail marketing program. Any orders placed by a non 1-Star GL distributor within the first 15 days of enrollment will not be applicable toward reactivation.

BHIP Global is an international network marketing and distribution company with worldwide operations in over 18 countries including Asia, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and Japan.

In all presentations, the names and logos of the Companies are obviously the trademarks owned by the Companies and are presented for the express purposes of informing the public about the Companies; and no product bhip compensation plan opportunity offered by the Companies is offered in this presentation. Distributors may purchase product and earn profits through retail sales at any time with no maintenance requirement.

This will give you GL rank with permanent 1-Star bhip compensation plan. This is one area that shows bHIP is probably doing something right.